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Introducing the 1st In-Arrow, Long-Range, Tracking System of its Kind.

Raven In-Arrow Tracking System

We have all felt the heartbreak...of losing a wounded trophy or finding it days later.

Finally, the technology has arrived that dramatically improves the odds of recovering your trophy in an ethical, sportsmanlike manner.

The Raven Recovery System is designed to ethically recover game and It is the first in-arrow, long-range tracking system. Thanks to Raven’s increase in FOC (forward of center), your arrow will fly considerably better. And once your arrow hits the target, it transmits up to a range 1-5 miles leading to easier game recovery. Make this hunting arrow tracking system part of your archery gear.

This gametracker is a game changer.

  • Long Battery Life

    With a rechargeable battery, the Raven In-Arrow Tracking System is activated by the release of the arrow. The tracking signal lasts for 24 hours, leaving you plenty of time to recover your game or arrow.

  • 1-5 Mile Tracking

    The Raven Recovery System transmits from 1-5 miles in mountainous terrain fully embedded in a large game animal and >10 miles in open country.

  • Light Weight

    Weighing only 75 grains, the transmitter is inserted into the front of the arrow, which improves accuracy and momentum. The handheld receiver is compact and lightweight and can fit in your pack.