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The Raven transmitter housing replaces your original insert and takes seconds to install. It activates a signal on the shot using an accelerometer so you don’t have to worry whether the system is on or off. Arm it, go hunt and it's there when you need it to recover your trophy.


The Raven System will precisely guide you to your trophy or arrow from 1-5 miles away depending on the terrain. Having the transmitter inside and at the front of the arrow improves arrow flight and penetration. It weighs only 75 grains so drop is minimal and creates ideal FOC (Forward of Center) for your arrow.


The receiver has a collapsible antenna array, weighs 1lb and fits in your pack so you can take it anywhere. When expanded, the compact antenna design won’t get caught in brush as you track your game.


The transmitter is rechargeable and inserts into the end of the arrow so there is no need to replace batteries. The system is designed to withstand the impact of an arrow striking bone at >300FPS and will transmit a signal for 24 hours – plenty of time to recover your trophy or arrow. The Raven In-Arrow System works anywhere in the world, in any terrain and doesn’t rely on a cellular or GPS signal for tracking.


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