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How much does transmitter add to arrow weight

he weight of the transmitter, battery, and housing is very light at 75 grains which results in a net add of about 50 grains since the transmitter housing replaces the original insert, and the head screws directly into the transmitter housing.

Does system effect arrow flight

Your arrows will fly considerably better with the system because of the increase in FOC (Forward of Center). You will find that even fixed broadheads fly true using small blazer vanes with the system. The end of the arrow becomes much stronger as well since the housing is about 3.75” long and made from very strong anodized aluminum. Penetration is also increased with the FOC weighting.  Arrow drop depends on your draw weight and set up.  Using a modern 65lb compound bow and a 400 grain arrow, we have found very little arrow drop at 40 yards and about 3” of arrow drop at 60 yards.

Does this take away the essence of bow hunting

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and many hunters will not use this system. I have hunted with a bow for over 40 years and have taken countless animals with archery tackle but have also lost my share of animals too. I practice and prepare as hard as anyone and only take ethical shots, but a lot can happen in bowhunting situations with big game. I don’t know of any bowhunter who hasn’t lost an animal or found an animal several days after the shot. It is an awful feeling losing that blood trail and then lying awake at night wondering if you will find your animal. It tears the heart out of any ethical bow hunter who loves the sport and the animals we pursue.

What is the range of recovery system

The transmitter in the Raven System is extremely powerful and transmits to a range of >10 miles in open, flat country. We have extensively tested the system with the arrow fully embedded in large game animals like Elk and Buffalo in mountainous terrain, and the signal range drops to approximately 1-5 miles in those cases.

Why RF not GPS

The component size and battery power needed for GPS doesn’t fit in the inside diameter of an arrow, is too heavy, and requires too much battery power. The three years of development that have gone into the Raven in RF Radio will be used if GPS components and batteries become small and light enough to work in an arrow. Also, this system works anywhere in the world, in any conditions and is more reliable than GPS.

Is Transmitter reusable?

Yes, the system has a rechargeable long-life battery, and the housing is compression fit so it can be removed and used in another arrow. We recommend using a low temperature craft glue on the metal portion of the housing to better hold the transmitter in place so it can still be removed and placed in another arrow.

Arrows that are compatible

We work with the S nock arrow (Maxum Red, Black Eagle)

What if arrow passed through

We all want the classic double lung pass-through archery shot and that is the goal of every bow hunter. As more hunters use expandable broad heads, pass through shots are less likely even on deer. Pass through shots on larger game animals like Elk, Buffalo, Moose, and larger African game, are rare, and these animals are tough, leave poor blood trails, and can travel great distances even on a good hit. Also, for women and for younger and older hunters who cannot draw heavy bows, the Raven will be a huge benefit in recovering wounded animals. Another benefit is you will always be able to find your arrow on a miss or pass through. Finding and inspecting the arrow is critical to understanding if you missed or where the animal was struck before taking up the blood trail.

Is it legal in all states

It is legal in 75% of the states, but you will have to check with the state’s regulations to see if it is legal to have electronics on an arrow. Our hope is this system follows the trend of illuminating nocks and more states will allow it to be used since it aids in recovery after a shot.

Battery life

The system is designed to be turned on and “armed” but does not start transmitting until it is released from the bow and the accelerometer is activated. The signal lasts about 24 hours which is more than enough time to recover a mortally wounded animal. The battery is rechargeable using a charger that threads in to the insert and plugs in to USB cable.