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Every archery hunter’s worst fear is losing his animal. We buy the best equipment, practice diligently, and take ethical shots, but it happens to every hunter. A lot can happen in hunting situations, and when the blood trail ends, we know our chances of recovering our trophy decreases. Three years ago, I embarked on an effort to develop an arrow tracking system that would give hunters a better chance of finding their animal or arrow.

I introduce to you “The Raven” In-Arrow Tracking System. It is the first patented in-arrow electronic tracking system ever developed and one of the biggest advancements in archery hunting in many years. 

Why did I call it “The Raven”? I am an avid Elk hunter, and a raven’s call has helped me locate mortally wounded elk on several occasions. The inspiration for this invention comes from the heartbreak of losing an animal in the Gila National Forest in 2015 when my son, Chip, shot a giant Bull, and a thunderstorm washed the blood trail away. We eventually recovered the bull after 18 hours of searching and with the help of two ravens. With the Raven In-Arrow System, we would have walked right to Chip’s bull and recovered his trophy.

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